Frequently Asked Questions

When do you ship?  Our Goal:  to ship your order on the same business day!  
We try to ship the same day, we receive the order. Some times we have to run around and gather supplies to fill orders and this may mean we do not ship your order for a day. -->> Exceptions to this are: Weekends &  Holidays.

If your product is out of stock with us and our supplier is out of stock also:

  1. -If there is an order coming soon - (in route or coming in 10 days or less)
    .. we wait & send it as soon as the order arrives or...
  2. - We notify you if the delay seems excessively long to us.
  3. - If you need it NOW - send us an Email - we take care of our people.
  4. -If you do NOT let us know you have an "emergency" you have left us out of the loop so we don't know you need us to speed up the normal process.

How do you ship?
We ship small orders USPS (US Mail)
All other orders go FedEx or UPS
If you need a large order shipped USPS, (US Mail) we may have to contact you to because the shipping fees via mail may be higher, than the UPS shipping fee.

ORMD - products under pressure or containing alcohol or flamable ...
USPS (US Mail)  does not allow ORMD products (hair sprays. mousse etc)
Fed Ex & UPS ship ORMD products however
ORMD must be shipped by ground (by truck - not by airplane).
We ship ORMD (hairsprays, mousse etc) by ground - it is the law.
ORMD = Other Domestic Material Deemed hazerdous (a consumer product)

What do you charge for shipping?
We charge a minimum of $12.50 flat rate for shipping.
When you order more the shipping goes up with the dollar amount.
1 item is $12.50
2 items are $12.50 Etc. Etc.
3 items are $12.50 Etc. Etc. Etc. the more you order the better with respect to your shipping cost.
shipping increases for about every $60.00 you order ... by about $3.00
When the order reaches $300.00 we pay 4 shipping: Continental US only.

Why did we go to a flat shipping rate?

Small orders (1-2 items) often ends up costing  more for shipping, handling & credit card processing, than the amount shown on the order. One way to process small orders and stay in business was to go to flat rate shipping. This way the person buying 1 or 2 items gets to decide if it is worth the cost of shipping or not. As orders get larger the flat rate shipping helps pay part of the shipping, handling & credit card costs. Finally for orders over $300.00 we pay  shipping.

Please note: Product Companies change packaging, they rarely change the ingredients in the products. One possible exception being changes to meet State VOC (volatile-organic-compounds) requirements.

  • Product companies often change the wording on the package. Add descriptions or just leave a description off the bottle. 

  • They often change the wording on the same package design several times in the course of the package design, same product just different words.

  • Product companies Usually make announcements when they a change a products ingredients. It is rare that we are not informed but if you have a question we will ask the company and try to get an the answer for you.

  • We want to make sure that you get the right product.

  • If the product inside the container is the same but the package changed, we do not offer refunds,

  • If  the product in the container has been changed,  not just a change to the package, we will accept the return and give you a credit. Again You must notify us before returning a product,  E-Mail Returns , and receive an ok before returning the item.

Phone Call Questions:

Is this, xyz company ?
We are not the company that makes the product you are ordering
We are your on line store.
We are not the company….Which company?
Doesn’t matter, which one you think we are, we aren’t them!
HairProducts is an on line store…..HairProducts sells Hair and Skin care…
Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of each page.

Can you tell me where to buy xyz  In my area?
No, we are not the company and do not have this infoormation.

I need to find a distributor for xyz , in my area.
No, we are not the company and do not have this infonmation.

Can you give me the phone # for xyz company?
No, we don’t give out phone #’s for any one.

Do you sell Color? Perms? Chemicals? Appliances ( curling irons, dryers Etc.
Etc.)? They are Professaionl only so we don't know who has them in your area.
No Color…No Perms ..and Sometimeswe sell appliances heat caps & Irons!

Can you tell me who sells, Color? Perms? Chemicals? Appliances ( curling irons, dryers Etc. Etc.)?
Sorry, don’t know

Send me a list of the ingredients in this product.
Sorry, We are not the company. - Sometimes we list them on various pages.

Does this product (line) contain xyz ingredient?
If we have time to look at one product, we may have time to do this but it may take a while, before we can get back to you.
If it is the whole product line you want to know about, then sorry we don't often have the time for this. And we do not want the responsibility if ingredients are listed it was a hot question, or it is a major sales feature of the product line. It was the best answer we had at the time. WARNING Companies are always changing things around.

Why don’t you accept returns?

  • We don't want to take the chance that some one “doctored” the products.
  • What does one do with partially used products?
    We can’t sell them, would you like a product that some one else had and rejected?
  • It is NOT COST EFFECTIVE: The cost to you in shipping, you pay to ship to you, then you pay to ship it back…..then we would charge a restocking fee of 10 % to cover the costs of credit card processing, filing and labor.

My order isn’t right:

  1. 90 % of the time you hit the wrong button and did not check the order form before you submitted your order to us.
  2. You are sent an automatic email confirmation when you submit your order. This is a second time you should check your order.
  3. The only times you will not receive the automated order confirmation is if

    • You submitted the wrong email address
    • Your email box is full
    • You use a spam blocker and did not add us to your approved senders
    • It was directed to your JUNK MAIL folder by your mailprogram
    • Another unknown Email Problem
  4. If you got your automatic email order confirmation and is not what you wanted, send us an email….with “order problem” in the subject line. Explain what is wrong and what you wanted. Order Problem Email
    Please include your name and the product line you ordered & order number..
    Most of the time we can find and fix it right away.
  5. You didn’t notice the mistake on the order form and got the wrong stuff.
    Please include your name and the product line you ordered and your
    Order # . We file by your name. SO If you used a “different name (maiden name, nick name etc)”…..please include that name also.
  6. We made the mistake, & sent you the item(s) that DO NOT APPEAR  on  the order form.
    • We are sorry but sooner or later we will make a mistake...
    • Not to worry though ... We will send you the “right” stuff once you let us know.
    • It will be our choice if we tell you to keep the wrong item or if we ask you to send it back…..
      if we ask you to send it back we will send you a “Call Tag” , (prepaid shipping label)…..

Prices subject to error correction reflecting:

                  What does this mean?
                             Why is this posted?
                                 Are you going to charge me more?

Prices subject to error correction reflecting:
*1- supplier price changes, or
**2-typographical error correction.

*1.Supplier price changes……should really say;
Supplier, size and price changes.
Suppliers can and do change sizes and prices faster than we can put them on the
web site.
Suppliers do NOT always inform any one of size changes especially when they go to a smaller size. The last time this happened the supplier went from 4oz to 3oz without informing any one. Our distributor carried this in inventory as 4oz, we listed & sold it as the 4oz  on the web site. (You guessed it they did NOT change the  price to reflect the size change. They said the change was necessary to cover Increases in their Material Costs.)

If the supplier Up sized it is easy we can send you the larger size at the smaller size price. Until we can change the web site.

However if the supplier changes to a smaller size; we make every attempt to inform you that this product is only available in the smaller size…..for whatever price.

But note: we do not find every one of these changes…right away.  Hence the disclaimer.

**2. Simply, it means we find that the web site is not perfect!
We make every attempt to fix and control errors on the web site.

So if you find an error, or question a size please let us know!
That is why we put an email link at the bottom of every page..2 make it EZ 4 you

***3. Generally, we charge what is on the web site.
Some times there is an error between `the product order from’ and the form thet generates the order.
People love this when the price difference is in their favor. However, when it is in our favor we make every attempt to notify you by Email …..if we can’t reach you, or you do not reply to the Email, we then hold the order until you discover you have not received your order and contact us to ask why. At this point you can decide what you would like to have the product at the corrected price or not.

In short all, the above is our attempt to let you know how we will handle problems that we have found.

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