Best Emergency Reconstructor
"Give me your damaged, your torn, Your breaking & tangeling hair yearning to comb free, The wretched mess of your totaled hair. Send these, the breaking, and broken, & can't comb thru your hair problems ... to me."
               here is.. the Best Emergency Service come to save your hair!

Lanza Emergency Service Client Comments include:  (go 2 Directions)

  1. "Lanza Emergency Service saved my hair! It's worth every penny."
  2. "The first application was a miracle but may hair was even better, one week later, after the second application."
  3. I just can't believe that something this good has not come along before."
    "my pound of cure ... when it is too late for my ounce of prevention."
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Lanza Emergency Service Kit Thermal Therapy (part A)-Lanza Emergency Service-
Cream Cure (part B )-Lanza Emergency Service-
  hooded dryer attachment processing caps
  • It's like build a "silk stocking" around each and every hair.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICE can be used every 48 hours until your hair reaches optimal health is restored.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICE is L’ANZA’s most potent hair healing system. Using Tissue Engineering Technology, this dual-phase salon service renews & restores critically damaged hair with unparalleled results.
  • Depending on the severity of the damage to your hair, multiple treatments may be necessary to completely restore hair's health.
  • Use the Lanza Ultimate Treatment before a perm, color or other chemical service. The Ultimate Treatment is the ounce of prevention that helps prevent the need for the pound of cure you get with theLanza Emergency Service.
  • people who will love the EMERGENCY SERVICE results
    • anyone with overtreated hair (double, tripple processed of more)
    • folks who have had a color correction (that required several processes)
    • folks whose hair is "shredding" apart
    • folks with frizzy hair
    • folks with a hair transplant that is dry, wirey and frizzy
    • folks who are trying to avoid a hair transplant
      by saving / protecting the hair they still have
    • Anyone can make mistakes, when severe- this is hou you fix your mistakes
    • if your hair is broken or breaking or on the way out and you have no hope
      emergency service may just save your day ... and your hair!
    • WARNING - this treatment does require HEAT with a heat cap or an overhead dryer!

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If you hair is a "little off" but is NOT breaking or broken and you don't want a silk stocking aound each individual hair shaft. Yet you want to "pump up" your hair from the inside, while add volume, moistture and strength to your hair... If you are not fighting to get a cob through your hair and it is not severely over processed. ...
Then you want an Emergency Resonstructor that treats you hair from the "inside" your Best choice is the Lanza Ultimate Treatment.

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