Best Emergency Treatment

There are 3 possible best emergency treatments and your answer depeds on the condition of your hair and what you want to do.

  1. If you want to deep condition your hair from the inside and add moisture strength or volume to your realtively healthy hair you want Treatment #1
  2. If your hair is beaten to death and is falling apart and want build a scaffolding around the outside of your hair to hold it together you want Treatment #2
  3. If you really have been wanting to grow out your hair & you have NOT been able to grow your hair longer despite all you wishing... you want Treatment #3

Treatment #1 --- Lanza Ultimate Treatment --- For a deep INSIDE THE HAIR conditioning treatment USE

Treatment #2 --- Lanza Emergency Service--- If you fried your hair (over-bleached, over-collored or over-color corrected or you color and permed and hot ironed) and your hair always feels too dry or your hair is sticking to itself, and you CAN NOT get a pick or comb through your hair you want the Lanza Emergency Service Hair Treatment to build a scaffolding around the outside of you hair. So it geels like you hair again only better!

Treatment #3 ---Color Lover Hair Primer 11 --- If your hair is generally healthy but just won't grow and it is NOT an Emergency :

  • If you have been trying to grow your hair out but
  • you feel like " MY HAIR JUST WON"T GROW!" And
  • you are sure your hair cutter is not trimming more hair than is growing out.

So you actually have 4 choices. You can:

  1. If you want s hair protector to use every day to keep your hair healthy:
    use Color Lover Hair Primer 11
    it has worked for many of our clients. It's the least expensive.
    Primer 11 protects your hair so it can grow out.
  2. If you wourd must protect you hair to keep it on your head, stop the breaking or get a comb through your hair, use a treatment then build the scaffolding around your hair with the Lanza Emergency Service Hair Treatment.
  3. If you want to add Strength, Volume or Moisture to your hair (in any combination) on th INSIDE --- use the Lanza Ultimate Treatment
  4. Should you want th ULTIMATE Ultimate Treatment:
    1st use the or Lanza Ultimate Treatment then youfollow it
    2nd with the Lanza Emergency Service
    1st building your hair on the inside then, 2nd supporting your hair on the outside.


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