Framesi Eergency Service Client Comments include:  (go 2 Directions)

  • "The first application was a miracle but may hair was even better, one week later, after the second application." and
  • I just can't believe that something this good has not come along before."
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framesi Emewrgency Service Express Filler step 2
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  • We can help you rescue your hair with
    Framesi Emergency Hair Treatment & it isn't just for
    Emergency Hair Repair Treatment ... any more!

    • + 85% More Shine
    • + 62% Stronger
    • + 40% Easier To Comb

    Emergency Hair Repair Treatment by Framesi
    : All severely damaged hair lacks the structural framework present when you hair WAS healthy. Framesi Morphosis hair treatment reinforces areas of the hair that have been destroyed by severe damage, neglect, over processing, and/or all the hair-care-mistakes that happen in life whenever you grow out your hair.

    emergency hair treatment girl
    Bad Hair or Bad Hair Day? If every day is a bad hair day, if you are having more bad hair days than good hair days, and if you think you are stuck with the hair you have instead of good hair - Framesi Emergency Hair Treatment may be your answer! And YES it is NOT just for emergencies. It's for turning Bad hair days into GOOD hair days.

    Please note ... we said "Framesi Emergency Hair Treatment may be your answer"

  • only because so many have heard this story before and whatever they tried, and how ever may times theyu tried, - it just didn't work.

  • How do we know? Well we too have heard that story and we to have tried before... more times than you can imagine, and we to have tried, and tried without the kind of success we wanted ... and we know you wanted ... you guessed it... until now.

  • Will there be something better tomorrow? Probably. Yet this is the best results we have ever seen in our 40 plus years of looking for that one great hair treatment. This Framesi Hair Treatment has, and is working for our clients! WOW- it was about timer! Besides your hair can't wait another 40 years.

    emergency hair treatment girlNow we can help you rescue your dry difficult to comb hair lifeless-no-body hair double processed hair breaking off hair ... or

    • you can breathe life back into your just plain
    • dull hair ...  today!
    • Girls & Guys with ● after kemo hair and the
    • Guys with ● hair transplants - love what these treatment does to their hair too.

    If you have not had a chemical treatment on your hair in the at least 5 days ago ...
    - go for the Framesi Treatment right now!
    If you have had a chemical treatment here are the Rules for applying your Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi:

          Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi when you ...
          Single Process Hair Color

    1. Single Process Color Option #1a: The Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi CAN be used the the same day as a single process Framesi hair color if you so desire: -
      you just get your hair treatment FIRST
      dry your hair then apply you Framesi hair color...or

    2. Single Process Color Option #2: is to wait and apply the treatment 24 hours after the color.
      Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi when you...
      Double Process Hair Color or Bleach & Tone Hair
      - Don't hesitate -
      Double Processed hair is where the Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi shines through!
      It is best to wait 24 hours after a double process Framesi hair color before applying this Framesi treatment:

      It stands to reason that if your hair is "pre-damaged" before you apply your new single-process color you should treat it as if it was double processed hair and wait 24 hours after the color befor applying this treatment.

      Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi when you...
      Perm Your Hair :...
      If used the same day the treatment may soften the perm results so if you want to keep the curl you permed in wait 3-days before applying the treatment

      Emergency Hair Treatment by Framesi when you do ..
      Hair Straightening:...
      If used this he treatment the same day as a straightening treatment the straightening results the curl may revert and return. It is best to wait a week after straightening to apply the treatment

Directions HOW TO USE:

  1. For BEST results plan for a series oftreatments
    • First treatment on day 1
    • Second Treatment on day 15
    • following treatments once every 30 days
  2. If you have just processed and damaged your hair WAIT 24 hours befor using this treatment. If you just permed your hair wait 72 hours.
  3. Step #1 Morphisis Shampoo
    • Prepare your hair by shampooing using Framesi Step #1 Shampoo.
    • Rinse and repeat -shampooing a second time
    • Rise out second shampoo
    • gently towel-blot to remove excess water.

  4. Step #2
    • Apply Step #2a apply Morphisis Re-Structure Express Hair Filler in sections massaging each section to improve thorough coverage
    • Note: -the treatment can not work an hair it does not make contact wit the hair
    • Note: your hair will probaby be sticking tgether after the shampoo. this is a combinationof damage and step #1. BE GENTLE but GET FULL PRODUCT COVERAGE on your hair work in gently with your fingers.
    • Note- full coverage is one of the the keys to this superior treatment!
    • Step 2b: Work through with hands to be sure product cover all strands of hair
      - again - the treatment can not work if it does not come into contact with your hair
    • Step 2c: Place long hair on top of head using clips as required.
    • Step 2d: Cover hair with plastic cap and place hair under warm dryer for dryer for 20 minutes
    • Step 2-e: remove from dryer - let cool
    • Step 2f: rinse hair - blott dry then and go to step#3

  5. Step #3 Morphisis Re-Structuring Precious Fluid
    • Step 3a: Morphisis Re-Structuring Precious Fluid: apply Precious restructuring / hardening-sealing fluid through-out the hair working into cover all pieces of hair
    • Step 3b: Leave Precious Fluid for 5 minutes after thorough distribution has been achieved.
    • Step 3c: Thoroughly rinse the hair and cut or style as desired.

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