Hair Repair from fixing minor problems, to helping when you "totaled" your hair

Hair Repair: how to repair your hair

Repair dry brittle hair and split ends Lanza Emergency Service | Hair Repair an outside the hair *hair *rescue *treatment !

  • you want Emergency Hair Repair Service when you have:
  • really blown your hair apart (made "hredded wheat")
  • both over-permed and over-colored
  • you had a "do it to yourself color party" and  then a color correction or changed to a new hair color
  • whenever you bleached and tone (especially good after high lift blonding)
  • whenever you have bleaced your hair
  • After cancer treatments when you want you new hair to feel smoother & more like your hair you lost.
  • Lanza Emergency Service Directions
  • If you have really totaled, or "fried you hair" ...  this is the treatment for you! It is absolutely amazing!
  • Some folks have a tight perm once or twice a year and just "let their hair go - in between perms. The new growth is fine the mid shaft is lighter but liveable and the ends have turned itno shredded wheat and break off every time you shampoo. Then the Emergency Hair Repair Service is the service you want.
  • The good news is - this service leaves your hair in better conditione if you do it 2 or 3 times - leaving 48 hours between services. Yes not only does it make hair better on the forst go-round it willcontinu making your hair better on the 2nd and thir application.
Repair dry brittle hair and split ends Lanza Ultimate Treatment | Hair Repair for inside the hair great conditioning
  1. How to protect your hair from damage - stop damage B-4 it starts!
       Basic Hair Care things you can do that cost little or nothing at all
  2. How to protect your hair from damage 
      Color Lover Hair Primer   has stopped breakage 4 our salon clients
  3. How to protect your hair from damage
       Color Lover Moisture Masque our best repeat selling masque
  4. How to protect your hair from damage
       Color Lover 2-Phase leave-in conditioner
    for thsoe who refuse to usea rinse out conditoner in the shower.
  5. How to protect your hair from damage
       Jingles ProRotuals Spray Protein Extra

Hair Repair


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